Introduce to Kcalose Mint Box and Burning system

In the very near future, Kcalose will be launching its first collection of NFTs through the specially designed Mint Box system, players can also upgrade their stats and own Bracelet NFTs with higher rarity through our Burning system.

Mint Box

At the start of the game, the player can rent a Bracelet on Kcalose to start playing completely free, but if you want to keep all the revenue and have the ability to upgrade the Bracelet to reach the higer level of Efficiency, you will need to open a Mint Box to get a random Common Bracelet, the price for each Mint Box will be 1 ETHW.

Burning System

If you want to own Bracelets with higher rarity, players have two ways:

1. Buy other players’ Bracelets directly from the Kcalose Marketplace.

2. Burn two Bracelets you own for a chance to get a Bracelet of higher rarity.

In the Kcalose burning system, you must burn two Bracelets and pay $ETHW for each combination, the rewards are received according to a fixed ratio:

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