Introducing Kcalose — A sports Revolution powered by Blockchain Technology

Kcalose is a Web 3.0 dApp built on BNB chain with the vision of enabling the interoperability of blockchain technology and traditional fitness ecosystems — all while promoting advance fitness standards and rewarding fitness enthusiasts from all over the world. With specially designed “move-to-earn” mechanics, Kcalose users can receive rewards for participating in a variety of sports including running, swimming, cycling, workout and more than that. Every calorie burned counts!


Kcalose’s app allows users to directly link to all major fitness watches and mobile apps including Garmin, Fitbit, and Strava (Apple Health and Google Fit coming soon). This allows for a seamless submission process where activity results can be uploaded automatically from your device. With this application we are able to bring people with different devices together to interact, compete, and support one another in the Kcalose community.

All a player needs to enter the world of Kcalose is a smart device with GPS and a Kcalose NFT tailored to your sport (running, swimming, cycling, soccer, etc.) NFTs can be purchased directly through the Kcalose marketplace or through the Kcalose loot-box (for paid players) or rented from another player (for free players). A part from daily rewards based on calories burned while playing sports, Players can receive additional weekly or monthly rewards for participating in Kcalose’s individual and group missions.


  • M2E Mechanism: Kcalose has an M2E engine designed for each individual sport, ensuring players receive fair rewards regardless of the sport they play.
  • Diverse NFTs Collections: Players and collectors can own NFTs of various collections, corresponding to sports that are compatible with Kcalose’s M2E engine.
  • NFTs Marketplace: The marketplace is where users can rent, lease, or trade their NFTs. The filter function is available in the marketplace to easily find the NFTs you want.
  • Diverse Mission System: players can choose to participate in individual or team missions to improve the rewards they receive, the mission system will also be changed and updated continuously to create a unique experience for the game.
  • Real rewards: players who own or rent Kcalose NFTs can start M2E with the reward of KCL tokens, which can be traded immediately or used to upgrade equipments you own in the game.
  • Compatibility: The Kcalose application is compatible with all major fitness watches and mobile apps including Garmin, Fitbit, and Strava (Apple Health and Google Fit coming soon).


We launched our own cryptocurrency, an asset that plays an important role in the Kcalose world. We want people from everywhere in the world to be able to compete within an environment that is free from currency value constraints, where a small USD fee can turn into a large, burdensome barrier to overcome in another currency. The way to democratize access is by giving everyone a level playing field — and we decided to go with our own currency — the $KCL.

$KCL is a BEP-20 token, which is the main token of the Kcalose ecosystem. Users will receive $KCL tokens when completing missions in the application or staking your $KCL. KCL can be used to purchase NFTs boxes, trade/rent/lease NFTs in the marketplace, and participate in special events.

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