Introducing to Kcalose Gameplay and Bracelet NFTs

Kcalose is a Web 3.0 dApp with the vision of enabling the interoperability of blockchain technology and traditional fitness ecosystems — all while promoting advance fitness standards and rewarding fitness enthusiasts from all over the world. With specially designed “move-to-earn” mechanics, Kcalose users can receive rewards for participating in a variety of sports including running, swimming, cycling, workout and more than that. Every calorie burned counts!

How to start?

The gameplay of Kcalose is built around two main elements, Kcalose Bracelet NFTs and our own native token KCL. So first of all, how do you get yourself a Bracelet NFTs?

There are 3 ways to do this:

1. Mint a new Bracelet NFT from Kcalose’s Mint Box system, you can get a common Bracelet from our Mint Box and burn two Bracelets you own to get a new Bracelet (burning system will be explained in more detail later).

2. Directly use KCL to purchase Bracelet NFTs sold on Kcalose Marketplace, or buy Bracelet NFTs on free NFTs marketplaces like Opensea or TofuNFT.

3. We also designed a separate system so that new players can experience the game completely for free, through Kcalose’s rental system, you can rent a Bracelet for free to start “Move-to-Earn”, however you won’t be able to upgrade your rented Bracelet to improve performance and part of your profits will be shared back to the owner and Kcalose (30% for renter , 65% for owner and 5% rental fee).

Kcalose Bracelet NFTs


There are a total of 5 rarity levels for Bracelet NFTs with increasing rarity: Common, Rare, Epic, Unique and Legendary. Bracelets with higher rarity will have higher base efficiency which means higher economic efficiency.

Base Efficiency

This is the most important stat of a Bracelet, determining the amount of tokens you get for every calorie burned. Base Efficiency will be determined based on rarity of the Bracelet.


Players need to pay KCL to level up their Bracelets, higher levels require more KCL, leveling up will increase Efficiency at a random rate of 1.5% to 3% of Base Efficiency per level and increase your Earning Cap at the certain level. The Max Level is 20.

Earning Cap

Shows the maximum amount of KCL you can “Move-to-Earn” per day, all Bracelets at level 1 have a same amount of Earning Cap, this stat will increase when you upgrade your Bracelet to a certain level (+25% at level 10 and +25% at level 20), so all Bracelets have a fixed earning cap to ensure the sustainability of the game. Earning Cap will be reset on a daily basis.

Kcalose Mint Box and Burning System

Mint Box

At the start of the game, the player can rent a Bracelet on Kcalose to start playing completely free, but if you want to keep all the revenue and have the ability to upgrade the Bracelet to reach the higer level of Efficiency, you will need to open a Mint Box to get a random Common Bracelet.

Burning System

If you want to own Bracelets with higher rarity, players have two ways:

1. Buy other players’ Bracelets directly from the Kcalose Marketplace.

2. Burn two Bracelets you own for a chance to get a Bracelet of higher rarity.

In the Kcalose burning system, you must burn two Bracelets and pay $ETHW for each combination, the rewards are received according to a fixed ratio.

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Kcalose is a Web 3.0 dApp built on ETHW with the vision of enabling the interoperability of blockchain technology and traditional fitness ecosystems