Kcalose Mint Box with the first Bracelet NFTs Collection

As announced, Kcalose’s Mint Box and Burning System is officially online at 6 AM UTC, October 21st, 2022. Along with that, we are also launching the Original Bracelet Collection — the first and limited NFTs collection of Kcalose. Collectors can mint Kcalose NFTs directly on our Mint system.

The Original Collection

To ensure the diversity of Kcalose’s Bracelet NFTs, we decided to release NFTs as collections, each with different number of NFTs, stats and accompanying special events in-game and in real life.

The Original Collection includes 8888 Bracelet NFTs (6000 Common, 2000 Rare, 600 Epic, 250 Unique and 38 special Legendary). Players and collectors will be able to obtain Common Bracelet by purchasing Kcalose Mint Boxes, Bracelets with higher rarity need to Mint by burning 2 Bracelets in the collection through the Kcalose system.

Special Note: All NFTs received from Mint Box and Burning System will be sent to player wallets immediately and freely tradable. To avoid scams, Kcalose recommends players only trade Bracelet NFTs on our marketplace, which will be launched very soon.

Mint Box

At the start of the game, the player can rent a Bracelet on Kcalose to start playing completely free, but if you want to keep all the revenue and have the ability to upgrade the Bracelet to reach the higer level of Efficiency, you will need to open a Mint Box to get a random Common Bracelet.

Burning System

If you want to own Bracelets with higher rarity, players have two ways:

1. Buy other players’ Bracelets directly from the Kcalose Marketplace.

2. Burn two Bracelets you own for a chance to get a Bracelet of higher rarity.

In the Kcalose burning system, you must burn two Bracelets and pay $ETHW for each combination, the rewards are received according to a fixed ratio.

About Kcalose: Kcalose is a Web 3.0 dApp on ETHW network with the vision of enabling the interoperability of blockchain technology and traditional fitness ecosystems — all while promoting advance fitness standards and rewarding fitness enthusiasts from all over the world. With specially designed “move-to-earn” mechanics, Kcalose users can receive rewards for participating in a variety of sports including running, swimming, cycling, workout and more than that. Every calorie burned counts!

Our Social Media:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kcalose

Telegram Group: https://t.me/kcalose

Website: https://kcalose.com



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Kcalose is a Web 3.0 dApp built on ETHW with the vision of enabling the interoperability of blockchain technology and traditional fitness ecosystems