Move-to-Earn: where Web3.0 meets Fitness

Video games have always been a great source of entertainment and means to get people comfortable with the advances in technology. They provide various hidden benefits like boosting critical thinking skills, serotonin, memory, and overall cognition. The best part is that they’re fun and they make us happy. The downside is that they can be so fun that we end up sitting in the same spot for hours, forgetting our bodies’ needs almost completely.

For decades now, game developers have been experimenting with the notion of finding ways to use movement as a means of creating gameplay. From the advent of DDR defining the dance and rhythm genre, Wii Sports filling homes, and Pikmin Bloom’s AR covering the world in flowers, nothing justifies gameplay like a good workout. Humans gravitate towards what makes them feel good, and it’s kind of hard for the idea of going for a run to trump the new expansion of your favorite game. Globally, roughly 1,632,019,218 adults are not getting enough physical activity, but today, move-to-play mechanics give us the freedom to sprinkle some new-age fun over fitness.

Inspired by the intersection of move, play, and earn, we see a growing opportunity in the fitness industry for Web3 to revolutionize how people stay driven to live a more active lifestyle. Combining the social incentives and accountability of fitness apps with the fun interactions of movement-based games and the ability to earn and own digital assets, FitnessFi will reshape the fitness industry through Web3.

The FitnessFi Leap

Most fitness trackers today deliver a completely passive experience. You walk around, collect steps, get a notification when you reach your steps, rinse, and repeat. And without a lasting feeling of accomplishment or excitement, it’s easy to lose interest. When the ring closes on your Apple Watch, that’s the end of the game. FitnessFi injects the elements of playing and earning into your regular fitness routine to add value to your steps, encourage healthy habits, and help reinforce an exciting, positive relationship with taking care of your body

In recent years, apps like Sweatcoin and Paceline have explored rewards for movement, turning to rewards points and discounts on products as your incentive to be active. To prolong the feeling of accomplishment, we plan to bring more meaning to your daily physical activity and wake up that weekend warrior inside of you. So, when the ring closes in Kcalose, the game begins. FitnessFi was born from the realization that gamifying movement and integrating Web3 rewards could revolutionize how people stay fit.

Play-to-earn games are onboarding millions of players to Web3 with unique incentive models, inspiring companies worldwide to dive into the intricacies of crypto. Since GameFi took the world by storm last year, it’s been responsible for half of the decentralized app industry’s blockchain usage. Just like GameFi, FitnessFi is the leap to onboard millions to Web3 through something everyone can relate to, the simple act of movement.

Move-to-Earn in Action

Kcalose is a pioneer Move-to-Earn game that makes it fun and rewarding to live an active lifestyle on ETHW network. Built with Web3.0 App interface, Kcalose integrates your daily activity in real life with blockchain Play-to-Earn economics so you can turn your real-life actions into expansive gameplay and earn crypto while doing it.

Inspired by the incentivization of fitness through health apps like Strava, Fitbit, and many others, we want to keep the world motivated and connected with like-minded communities. With the addition of valuable rewards, an avatar representing your physical wellbeing, and earning tokens for being active, Kcalose is just the beginning of FitnessFi, creating harmony between the material and the metaphysical.

Apple has Memojis today, but imagine if they were digital assets that evolved based on your real-world activity. Imagine you could immerse yourself into its world through story, battle, crafting, and even financial earning. FitnessFi brings the metaverse to the real world, making Web3 incentives and digital asset ownership a reward for living our lives. Kcalose stands for the opportunity to introduce GameFi to fitness apps everywhere and power the industry with Web3 capabilities. FitnessFi is bringing the metaverse to the real world, enhancing and promoting your best life on a daily basis.

Parting Thoughts

In building Kcalose, we aim to become the nexus that will allow fitness apps to frictionlessly integrate ownership of digital assets and token economies into their ecosystems to bring the benefits of Web3 to fitness communities worldwide. Kcalose was built on the shoulders of giants. We’ve watched the story unfold, and we’re privileged to have the vantage point to innovate on existing models. So many great projects have significantly impacted the evolution of FitnessFi and helped forge a walkable path for Kcalose to run. FitnessFi is the dawn of a new era, incentivizing people to maintain healthy habits and rewarding the world for being physically active and taking care of themselves.

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Kcalose is a Web 3.0 dApp built on ETHW with the vision of enabling the interoperability of blockchain technology and traditional fitness ecosystems